My Career Story

The worst job I ever had was the best thing that could have happened to me. It wasn’t a good fit for my personality or skills; I was neither challenged nor inspired; and I was unhappy. Sounds awful, right? It was. But my misery steered me onto a path that ultimately unfolded into my joy and purpose.

It sounds simple, but it wasn’t. I endured the wrong jobs and didn’t know where to turn. I was lost without a map and I struggled to identify and embrace my unique gifts and strengths. This was a hard experience but I see now that it had a purpose—knowing this painful cycle on a deep level is what inspires me to help other men and women discover and express their unique brilliance (strengths, passion and purpose).

Being miserable in the wrong job and desperate to make a change, I found my way to a career counseling center and that’s where I felt the buzz of excitement that comes from knowing you are in the right place. I turned inward, did some serious self-evaluation, and faced my limiting beliefs head on so that I could define my path more clearly and find the courage to take a risk and go after what felt right. I got a Master’s in Career Development and charted a course from law firm recruiter to college career counselor to stay-at-home mom until I landed right where I belong—coaching. As they say, the rest is history. I’ve never felt more alive, more passionate, more inspired than I do now—helping men and women reconnect with their strengths and find their true purpose. I believe that everyone has unique strengths and gifts that they are meant to express in the world. It is my mission—and my passion—to lead a strengths revolution, helping others know their own strengths and put them to use.

Looking back on my own journey, there were so many clues along the way, but I didn’t have the eyes to see them. So, now I serve as the torchbearer, shining the light on your strengths to help you find your way.

My certifications include:

About BE

I’ve learned many profound things over the last twenty + years working with people who want more satisfaction and joy from their work and personal lives. One of the most profound discoveries is that if you believe you can have something, you can! It’s all in your mindset. It may not be easy, or the path of least resistance, or in your comfort zone, but callings rarely are. The good news is that with clarity, direction and tools, you can forge your unique path. When you choose to express your full potential, the inevitable outcomes are joy, motivation, and emotional well-being. Your big question will be, “What took me so long to take the leap?”

There’s a simple solution to ensuring you’re living your best life and reaching your full potential. And the answer lies in BE coaching. This deep transformative work will help you uncover your unique amazing qualities, get clear on what you really want, and create a plan to get it!

Your BEST life is here for you, waiting to be discovered.

Let’s get started today … I can’t wait to meet you!