Equus Coaching


Experience the wisdom of horses and BE transformed. Let the horses guide you to your best life. Getting out of your everyday life, surrounded by beauty, nature and the calm peaceful energy of horses is the perfect environment for new insights and profound shifts to emerge.

Equus coaching is a cutting edge approach to help you improve and strengthen your work, leadership and personal life in profound ways. It is a deeply transformative experience that can give you a visceral experience of your own filter, limiting beliefs and patterns and how you show up in the world. This work helps you tune into our own inner wisdom, find clarity and alignment with who you are and what you want.

During Equus coaching we will:

Horses have the unique ability to read our energy and mirror for us how we’re showing up in the world. Horses are gentle, kind supportive partners in this – and they don’t lie. What we do in one part of our lives, we tend to do in all parts of our lives. When we get in a round pen with a horse and begin to play and interact, our patterns of communication, energy and how we show up in the world begins to emerge loud and clear. The horse is a non judgemental, compassionate being that acts as a mirror to our patterns and shows us our where we’re not aligned with our own inner truth. They offer direct and honest feedback always. The horses allow us to see and experience our patterns in a deep visceral way that can be powerful and transformative. Horses offer a safe and nurturing environment to stretch ourselves in new ways, gain clarity and create what we really want in our lives. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more.

Group Workshops

Come out to the barn and the beautiful surroundings at Gable Stables in Notus, Idaho for a ½ or full day workshop and experience the power of Equus Coaching with other like minded people. You’ll experience the wisdom and transformational power of horses during your individual sessions and while watching others in their sessions. Many of the issues and challenges we deal with as humans are universal in nature so learning through others can be very insightful. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

During group Equus workshops we will:

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